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About Emily

My love for events comes from a nostalgia for celebrations. Creating those moments that stay with my clients forever is so important to me, it's my driving force! 

Emily Rose Weddings & Events is a combination of passions, not only do I love seeing the end result but I can't get enough of the nitty gritty details.


As a Fine Art graduate from Kingston University, London - I could spend hours on the creative side of things. In my spare time I enjoy calligraphy and engraving so if you need a helping hand with your stationery, I'm your girl!


M           ore Information

So many of us are short on time with extremely busy schedules. Luckily, I am a self-proclaimed organisation guru (a very modest one at that!). I would love to take the pressure off and help with the oh so boring administrative tasks that come hand in hand with planning an event. 

Emily Rose Weddings & Events specialises in On The Day Coordination but offers a range of services from The Full Planning Package to The Plan As You Go Package. Allowing you the freedom to choose the right path for you and your event. 

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